Dr. Schumailla Bassi
Dr. Schumailla Bassi Senior Gynaecologist


Epidural Analgesia (painless delivery)
Scarless Cesarean
IVF Clinic-Male & Female infertility (IUI)
Non Descent Stitchless Vaginal Hysterectomy
Hysteroscopy & laparoscopy
Urogenital Surgeries
Antenatal & Gyane Scan
10+ years
English, Hindi, Punjabi
Type Of
Full Time Physician

About Doctor

Dr. Schumailla  Bassi is a senior doctor practising as a Gynaecologist at Dr. JL Bassi Hospital & Research Center.


An obstetrician with experience of more than 2000 cesarians uptill date specializes in difficult obstetrical labours (with forceps and vacums ) and 

*High risk obstetrics

*Painless Vaginal Delivery.


A Gynaecologist with special fields of interest and skills in vaginal route hysterectomies ( Sutureless and stitchless surgery ) and endoscopic / laparoscopic gynae surgies.

* Infertility Specialist -With wide range of male and female infertility treatments.

*Cosmetic Gynaecology- Surgeries for Reconstruction of female private parts.

*Female Urinary 

OPD Timings

Monday - Saturday
11:00 am to 2:00 Pm

By Appointment, 1;00pm to 2:00pm


+91 084275 21133
[email protected]

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