Our Vision & Mission 

The vision is to cure as much people as we can and prevent them from diseases by helping them attaining healthy lifestyle.

Dr. J. L. Bassi Hospital & Research Centre A Unit of Bassi Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. is a large multi super speciality centre located in Ludhiana city which is also called Manchester of India. Eminent Orthopaedician Dr. Jiwan Lal Bassi & gynaecologist Dr. Sudesh Bassi with help and blessings from their parents Sh. Piara Lal Bassi & Mrs. Vidyawati Bassi founded this center. The Mission is to provide the highest quality patient care, improve mobility and enhance the quality of life for all, while advancing the sciences of orthopaedic surgery, spine surgery, laparoscopic surgery, gynaecological surgery and their related disciplines like medicine, diagnostics, radiology, rehabilitation & dietetics through research, education and training.

We do this regardless of race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, or ethnic origin. A great place to work for.

Patients from Across the Globe

Our patients come from across the world to seek the quality care. View their inspiring stories and photos of their renewed and restored ability to do what they love.

ABOUT FOUNDER Dr J L Bassi                                                                                 

Dr. J. L. Bassi is a name very familiar to this city, he is a renowned orthopaedic who has earned laurels not only in this region but also across the seven seas. Thousands have been healed and hundreds have been trained professionally by this immensely gifted person. About a year back, he had the honour of being the sole Indian doctor to impart training to fellow orthopaedicians from different parts of the globe in Switzerland and Finland. Rising from humble ashes, he is still very attached to his roots and embodies the die hard Punjabi spirit in every sense. His father ran a flour mill but dreamed big for his two sons. Hard-work and determination being inculcated in his psyche, the young Bassi developed a keen interest in mechanics and machinery during his growing up years. All led him first to medical and then, to orthopaedic studies at Ahmedabad under the Gujarat University.

He is a man who lives, breathes and talks orthopaedics A thoroughly sincere man, absolutely dedicated to his profession. His innovative techniques have caused many a ripple in the orthopaedic world. His pioneering works, particularly, in the making of JIG and nails have improved these techniques and made them more affordable. His innovations to Biglow's method in posterior dislocated hip and hemi-arthroplasty of the shoulder earned him accolades among the orthopaedic fraternity. In fact, he conducted North India's very first shoulder replacement surgery.

Dr. Bassi is a Man of technology. He is always on a look out for newer horizons being discovered in his field and spends most of his spare time on the internet. His department was one of the first in the DMC to be computerized. For him it was like his creativity taking up the technicality path to make JIG and Nails. In 1992, he declared his very method for reduction of posterior dislocated hip which fetched him a lot of appreciation from the world all over earning space in the 'Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery' in England and that was a turning point in this healer's life. Prior to this Biglow's method was in use where the patient was made to lie down on the floor and the dislocation was managed by much manual effort but Bassi's method was where the patient is made to lie on the table and is, for obvious reasons, easier and more comfortable to both the patient and the surgeon. 1993 saw him go to Germany for the 'Interlocking nailing' system for the management of fracture of long bones but he realized that the system was too costly to be afforded by the Indian Patient. The system needed an image intensifier to do distal. Here his nothing is impossible motto saw him invent his own system, now commonly referred to as Bassi's JIG, with the help of which the jig distal locking was made possible.